What is is an address commonly used by routers and broadband modems with router functionality to access internal setting. 3Com, Westell, Linksys, Netopia and many other manufacturers use this IP address as the default gateway for their network-enabled products. is a local network address: the router or modem will only allow access through devices that are connected directly, either through WiFi or a wired Ethernet connection.

How do I access

Simply type “” into the address bar of a browser. If properly connected, this should load a web page stored on the router. Usually, this will be a log-in screen. Once the correct username and password is provided, a new page will be loaded showing the device’s console. From here, the router’s settings can be changed.

Does pose a security risk?

Once a hacker has gained access to your network, trying is the next logical step to taking control of the router. Since the opening log-in page usually contains information on the device itself, finding out the default username and password is as simple as doing an Internet search.

To reduce the chances of a security breach, it’s a good idea to try accessing, and, if it accesses the router log-in page, change the username and password. Many devices also have the ability to change the IP address to access the console.