IP Address

What is the IP Address?

An Internet Protocol address (IP address), is a unique set of numbers that identifies each computer in a network. is a default IP address used when setting up a number of home-based broadband routers, primarily Belkin and SMC. for Router Connection

A router is the device used to set up the network. Because is a private IP address, it can be used be used for multiple networks. can not be accessed outside the network, and can not be used more than once in the same network. Because is a private IPv4 network address, you would need the router’s public IP address to connect from outside the home network.

Router Console Access is the URL needed to access the router’s console. Simply type into a Web browser. This opens up the administrator area of the router, allowing you to set up change the router’s settings.

Network Setup Conflict

Occasionally users will encounter a conflict during setup. Most commonly this happens when the IP address conflicts with the assigned network or device address. However, most computers now automatically assign the network computer an alternative IP address to avoid this issue.